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LEX RENT is a leading lettings agency managing holiday properties. It is part of LEX GROUP, members of which are: LEX CITICONSULT, a leading law firm in Varna, LEX INS, an insurance broker, MTP ACCOUNTING, an accounting firm, and LEX FINANCE CONSULT, a banking intermediary company.


Since the start of our business a few years ago, we have gained a strong presence on the market as a ‘can-do’ and efficient partner, a synonym for high standard, uprightness, professionalism and good results.


It is a great pleasure for us to see that we have met the expectations of a number of small and major investors as well as of the thousands of our customers, who have chosen to use our services.


Our company policy provides for maximum efficiency in the management of our customers’ properties. Our aim is to make our customer optimize their profits.



The top working principles of LEX RENT are:

  •  transparency and coordination in the lettings and management process;

  •  guaranteed high return on your investments




A full range of property management services!


Service in focus:


Servicing and management of common areas


A team has been formed to oversee your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may rely on us:


To manage the commonhold

To collect and administer the fees charged for the common areas

To clean and maintain the hygiene of the common areas

To maintain parks, gardens and green areas

To provide security guarding and installation of security systems

To provide security management by means of access control facilities and devices

To provide technical support services of the common installations and equipment

To administer the guarantee maintenance

To organize and control repair and building activities

To exercise health, pest and rat control

To maintain lightning, heating and other hi-tech systems

To maintain pools and waste water treatment facilities

To perform categorization of units


And much more:


1. Letting out real properties

We guarantee the best for your investment.

We rely on renowned tour operators only, make sure that the highest rate of occupancy is engaged for your property, so that the highest rental income is gained by you.


2. Real Property Assessment

Prior to letting your property we will take photos and will show the potential tenants around your property.

We will discuss together all details, inclusive of our minimum standards, access and terms of reservation.

We will consult you in advance on the current rental market levels.

We will not charge you for the appraisal of your property, and you will not be placed under the obligation to sign a tenancy agreement.



3. Property Marketing and Advertising

Each property added into our portfolio will be marketed in our on-line platforms (,, and where appropriate – in the most popular property portals. The property will be introduced to the most successful tour operators.


4. Presentation of your property upon request

LEX RENT has a team of qualified experts who may make a professional presentation of your property at any time.


5. Administration and reservations

LEX RENT undertakes to ensure a smooth letting and renting of the property for both owners and tenants.

Any and all reservations or changes are approved of by the owner.


6. Payment

For properties managed by LEX RENT, the owners receive payments regularly under a prearranged scheme. It is our obligation to see to the due and timely payment of all utilities and charges relative to the property.


7. Maintenance

We have a maintenance and insurance team that is responsible for the property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Is there an easier and better method to manage your property?


Why choose us:

  •  transparency;

  •  coordination;

  •  responsibility in managing properties;

  •  highly-skilled property maintenance, marketing and management specialists;

  •  strict financial accounting and discipline;

  •  active business to owner communication



VIP management services

We offer a weekly property update. The VIP service can be added to all properties included in our management program, and is at any time updatable if requested by the owner.


And one more thing:

LEX RENT sees to the continuous maintenance of the quality and value of the property, as this is one of the keys for success of our holiday services. With this end in view, a representative of our team has the obligation to visit the property on a regular basis, to notify the owner of its condition, and to offer solutions to the problems, if any.



Your real property could be advertised by various companies able to guarantee reservation income to you.


LEX RENT, however, is doing more than that: it works for the building of relationships that go beyond one-time projects, and takes care of your property as its own!


Over the years LEX RENT has made a name of itself as an expert in the vacation property management, and has won the respects of both customers and owners!


The advantages for the owners:

  •  no charges collected for entering the property into the LEX RENT portfolio and website;

  •  cares for high income from your property: through a highly qualified and experienced maintenance and handling team your investment is well prepared to be let out at any time;

  •  confidence: in addition to the reservation administration and property management and maintenance you may rely on good and transparent financial relationships;

  •  preservation of the real property value: our expert advices and recommendations in preparing investment properties for the letting market guarantee attraction of higher rental incomes from demanding customers, thus preserving the value of the property.



Managed properties:

  •  Apartments KABAKUM

  •  Lighthouse Gold Resort – apartments and vacation homes

  •  Momchil Vacation Homes

  •  Apartments St. Constantine and St. Helena

  •  Apartments in Thracian Cliffs Golf Complex

  •  Kaliakria Sea & Golf View Resort Apartments Complex